Hey Joe’s Staff Tells Jewish Man To 'F*** Off, Burn In A Jewish Oven’

“I walked in and sat down when the owner noticed my Star of David necklace. I was quickly escorted off the property.”

Staff from Hey Joe’s restaurant in Damascus, Virginia racially abused a Jewish man and told him he should “f*** off and burn in a Jewish oven like his ancestors.”

The Jewish man, Tony Greaves, said he went inside the restaurant looking for food. However, after the staff spotted his Star of David necklace and found out he was Jewish, he was escorted out without being served.

The entire incident was captured on camera, where workers of the restaurant can be heard shouting anti-Semitic slurs.

“You should get in a f****** Jewish oven and die like your ancestors,” shouted a man.

Greaves asked, “Die like my ancestors?”

“Yeah, you Jewish scum. You're not welcome here,” replied the man.

It didn’t end there as another man shouted at Greaves, “We're going to come and find you later.”

Greaves lodged a complained on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“Such a bummer. I was hiking the AT and just looking for something to eat as I was starving to death. I walked in and sat down when the owner noticed my Star of David necklace. I was quickly escorted off the property and told that I should, ‘burn in an oven like my ancestors did,’” he wrote.

The complaint further read, “I quickly informed the owners that they were both acting like a pair of Golems and if they continue on this way, someone will eventually put a Kabbalistic hex on them that will result in an exorbitant amount of bad Facebook reviews. I don't know what happened after that...”

Following Greaves review on the Facebook page, people came in his support of the man and criticized Hey Joe’s for their behavior.

“Hope they end up in jail, or pay a huge fine. The best would be if they lost their business, due to enough patrons who have seen this..!” wrote Ricky Scott, a commenter.

While another one said, “Is anyone surprised? It's not like racism is ever going anywhere. Weird that someone that trashy looking can own anything outside of a cardboard box.”

“Hate is hate. Antisemitism has never disappeared. Our current president and his cronies have made it more acceptable, just like racism,” wrote Gail LeVine Vanderheyden.

Anti-Semitic incidents in the country have increased throughout the nation in the last year. According to a report from the Anti-Defamation League, so far in 2017, 541 anti-Semitic incidents have occurred.

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