HS Athletic Director Tells Boys To ‘Blame Girls’ For Dress Code Policy

"If you really want someone to blame, blame the girls. Because they pretty much ruin everything. They ruin the dress code.”

A Tennessee high school teacher is under fire after making discriminating remarks in a video about the dress code policy.

Soddy-Daisy High School's athletic director Jared Hensley was talking about the school’s dress code policy about shorts, when he casually demeaned girls and blamed them for ruining everything. "If you really want someone to blame, blame the girls. Because they pretty much ruin everything,” he said.

“They ruin the dress code, they ruin...well, ask Adam. Look at Eve. That's really all you really gotta get to, OK. You can really go back to the beginning of time. So, it'll be like that the rest of your life. Get used to it, keep your mouth shut, suck it up [and] follow the rules," he concluded.

Apparently the school was debating on whom to permit to wear athletic shorts and the athletic director blamed the girls for it.

Naturally, Hensley’s discriminating remarks outraged the parents who asked the school’s board members to look into the matter.

If anything, his comments were deeply disturbing, misogynistic and promoted a culture where men could blame anything and everything on women.

"The fact that they're coming from an educator is bad enough, but the fact that they're coming from a man in a position of power is even worse. These remarks are blatantly sexist and misogynistic. And do nothing but perpetuate victim-blaming and reinforce the rape culture that is so insidiously ingrained in our society," said Natalie Green, whose daughter studied in Hamilton County School.

Bryan Johnson, the Hamilton County Schools Superintendent said the district already reviewed the video and Hensley's comments were "inexcusable." He also made it clear the director’s sentiments are not in line with the school’s value.

However, a Soddy-Daisy's school board representative Rhonda Thurman, of District 1, disagrees. She things what Hensley said was meant as a joke and that people should pay attention to other pertinent issues, such as the community dealing with torrential rainfall and flooding.

"There's a lot going on right now to be worried about this in Soddy-Daisy. I'm having a real hard time getting upset about this. I'm not worried about that right now. He meant absolutely no harm by this," she said. "This is so ridiculous. Can nobody take a joke anymore? He was just talking to the kids in their language and trying to be funny."

The director was not being funny; he was being sexist by embedding a vile thought process in the minds of young boys that everything bad in the universe happens because of girls.

Alicia Whitley, a mother of four Hamilton County students was really upset with the director’s comments. "This is how we Kavanaugh is getting so much support from the GOP. This nation has made sexism normal and acceptable. People feel like they can say things like this with no repercussions," Whitley said.

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