High School Coach Issues T-Shirts That Read ‘Don’t Be No P****’

The controversial t-shirts given to the school football team read “DBNP” which apparently is an acronym for “Don’t be no p****.”

A football coach who trained high school students how to play the game has been placed on leave after issuing the football team with t-shirts that contained explicit language.

Chamblee High School Football Coach Curtis Mattair apparently made t-shirts that read “DBNP” which was an acronym for “don’t be no pu***.”

A picture of a Chamblee player wearing the derogatory shirt at a practice game was also shared on Instagram.


The shirt and face says it all??????#DBNP

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Parents were naturally outraged after their children told them about the message on their shirts. It was rather disturbing for the parents to learn that the coach had specially designed the t-shirts for the team.

DeKalb County School District spokesman Andre Riley did not confirm the reports but said in a statement that the coach accused of being responsible for making the shirts has been placed on leave. “This is what I can confirm: employee Curtis Mattair is currently on paid administrative leave,” said the spokesman.

The Bulldogs’ head coach has been placed on leave until all the investigations against him come to an end.

On the other hand, the Dekalb County School System office insisted that the letters on the shirt actually meant “Don’t Be No Procrastinator.” However, if that was the case, it wouldn’t come under the category of being profane and Mattair wouldn’t have been placed on leave.

Regardless, if this was Mattair’s idea of boosting the morale of his teams, it was sadly lacking. The coach hasn’t been much of a success for the teams he has coached at Chamblee in the past. Through two seasons and two games, his score was a 3-19.  

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