Muslim High School Teacher Told To Hang Herself With Her Headscarf

Trump’s America has been rearing its ugly head for quite some time now, but with his electoral win, it has truly arrived.

From the fateful day that the  Donald Trump was elected as the head of the most powerful nation on Earth, it has become terrifyingly obvious who does not belong in this country. White supremacists, emboldened by this election, have taken it upon themselves to cleanse America of all undesirables.

A 24-year-old Georgia high school teacher, Mairah Teli, wears a head scarf to work. After the election, a student left a note for the Muslim teacher. In untidy scrawl, the scribe informed her that her scarf was not "allowed anymore." The note also suggested that instead of wearing it around her head, she should fasten it around her neck and kill herself. The missive was signed "America!" with the star-spangled banner of freedom ironically drawn underneath.

Many Muslims and Hispanics have been suffering silently, wordlessly taking the vitriol from their neighbors and strangers. But Teli decided to let people know of the narrow-mindedness, the meanness of new America.

There was an outpouring of love and support, with one commentator remarking that "hate is real."

In a separate post, Teli expressed her gratitude for the love she received, making it a point to note that Dacula High School officials "have voiced anger and have been tirelessly working to identify who sent this note."

While it is indeed heart-warming to see the phenomenal amount of love Mairah received, we cannot ignore the schism that has appeared in American society. The perpetrators of these hate-crimes are not as visible on social media, shunning conversations with the more rational and educated population to fan the flames of their hatred in their lives, on subways, in schools. Already, white students chanted "build the wall" in a cafeteria, and many Muslim-American women have started to shun their hijabs to avoid backlash.


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