Tweets In Bed, Fan Mail: Quick Look At Trump’s Piers Morgan Interview

President Donald Trump called himself a “stable genius” at least once during the much-anticipated interview with British journalist Piers Morgan.

President Donald Trump sat down with British journalist Piers Morgan earlier this month when he was in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum. It was the president’s first international interview. 

However, he and Morgan weren’t exactly strangers, as they met at the set of “Celebrity Apprentice” back in 2008 — the good old days when Trump was still a reality TV star, mostly remembered for his catchphrase: “You’re fired.”

Although the wide-ranging interview was recently broadcasted on British channel ITV, the “Good Morning Britain” host spent the last couple of days releasing bits of information from his conversation with the president — including the fact Trump was willing to apologize (but didn't) for retweeting Islamophobic propaganda clips and his unsurprising admission that he didn’t see himself as a feminist.

The two men touched a variety of other topics during the lengthy interview, like the commander-in-chief’s tweeting habits, his health, his thoughts on Brexit and, of course, his stance on climate change. Trump also, at least once, called himself a “stable genius” during the sit-down.

Here is quick look at what Trump had to say:  

On Climate Change

“There is a cooling, and there’s a heating,” Trump, who doesn’t understand the difference between weather and climate, told Morgan. “I mean, look, it used to not be climate change, it used to be global warming. That wasn’t working too well because it was getting too cold all over the place.”

The president then proceeded to prove he knows nothing about the melting ice caps — or the danger they pose.

“The ice caps were going to melt, they were going to be gone by now, but now they’re setting records,” he continued. “They’re at a record level.”

When asked if he would go back to the Paris Climate Accord, Trump said he would only do so if it was a good deal for the United States.

“It would have to be a completely different deal because we had a horrible deal,” he explained

On Tweeting From Bed

The real estate mogul confirmed one thing everyone had been wondering ever since… well, forever.

When asked about his tweeting habits and from does he mostly tweet from, this is what he had to say.

“Well, perhaps sometimes in bed, perhaps sometimes at breakfast or lunch or whatever, but generally speaking during the early morning, or during the evening I can do whatever,” Trump told the host. “But I am very busy during the day, very long hours. I am busy.”

He also said he “will sometimes just dictate out something really quickly and give it to one of my people to put it on” social media, adding he sees Twitter as a means to defend himself.

“If I don’t have that form of communication, I can’t defend myself,” Trump added. “I get a lot of fake news, a lot of news that is very false or made up.”

On Diet

The commander-in-chief’s love for McDonald’s is well-documented. On campaign trail, his go-to order was two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish and a chocolate malted shake. That amounts to a whopping 2,430 calories per meal.

“I eat fine food, really from some of the finest chefs in the world,” Trump said, when asked about his reported diet. “I eat healthy food, I also have some of that food on occasion... I think I eat actually quite well.”

As “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff revealed in his tell-all book, the president’s obsession with fast-food is fueled by his “longtime fear of being poisoned.”

On Getting Fan Mail

As the United Kingdom gears up for he “most incredible protest in our history” to coincide with Trump’s impending visit to country, Trump told Morgan people across the pond really loved him.

“I think I’m very popular in your country,” he said. “I get so much fan mail from people in your country.”

He didn’t stop there.

“They love my sense of security, they love what I’m saying about many different things. We get tremendous support from people in the U.K.,” Trump continued. “The real me is somebody that loves Britain, loves the U.K. I love Scotland. One of the biggest problems I have in winning, I won’t be able to get back there so often. I would love to go there.”

On The Royal Wedding

Trump said he wasn’t aware if he had been invited to the upcoming royal wedding in May.

“I want them to be happy. I really want them to be happy,” he said of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markel. “They look like a lovely couple.”

On Brexit

Trump claims he would have been “tougher” on Brexit negotiations than U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May.

“Would it be the way I negotiate? No, I wouldn’t negotiate it the way it’s [being] negotiated... I would have had a different attitude,” he said. “I would have said the European Union is not cracked up to what it’s supposed to be. I would have taken a tougher stand in getting out.”

On Gun Control

Trump, who believes the solution to end gun violence is to make guns even more accessible, also voiced his opinion on gun control.

"I’m a Second Amendment person. I think you need it for security," Trump said. "You've had so many attacks, where there was only a gun — a bad person’s gun — going in this direction and if you had one on the other side. In fact, that’s a very big example. And if they had the bullets going in the opposite direction, you would have saved a lot of lives."

It is important to mention Trump’s election campaign received more than $30 million from the National Rifle Association, raising a huge question about the nature of relationship between his administration and the gun industry.

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