BLM Activist Interrupts Clinton Fundraiser: ‘I’m Not A Super Predator'

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been subject to criticism by the “Black Lives Matter” activists. Let’s see whether her strategy towards addressing race issues pays off.

Two Black Lives Matter activists interrupted a private Hillary Clinton fundraising event Wednesday night in Charleston, South Carolina.

Ashley Williams, a youth activist, confronted the former FLOTUS and demanded answerability for Clinton’s past support for policies that enabled mass incarceration. Footage shows Williams standing behind the former secretary of state and hold aloft a banner proclaiming Clinton’s infamous 1996 words in support of the Violent Crime Control Act — in which she described black gang members as “super-predators.”

Williams demanded Clinton give an explanation of her ill-spoken words and an apology for the entire black community. However, before she could wring a response from the Democratic candidate, a Secret Service agent escorted her out — and Clinton was off the hook.

This is not the first time members of the black activist group have interrupted Clinton’s speeches.

On Feb. 27, 2015, black protesters disrupted a Clinton campaign stop in Cleveland shouting “say her name” as part of a motion to call attention to the number of black transgender women killed in 2015.

Later in the year, a group of 10 protesters drowned out Clinton’s speech at Clark Atlanta University, as they continued to chant and sing for over 30 minutes in support of minorities. The presidential hopeful was forced to carry on her speech even though parts of it became inaudible because of the loud chant.

Everyone agrees that African Americans are the pivotal demographic in the South Carolina Democratic primary showdown this Saturday. Clinton has cleverly chosen to focus on personal stories for addressing the race issue — by talking to the mothers of black victims.

Let’s see whether her move to endear black communities to her pays off.

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