Was Hillary Clinton Caught Cheating In The Iowa Caucus?

A new video has emerged showing Clinton’s crew members in a compromising light.

While the Iowa caucuses somewhat sorted out the Republican race — with Ted Cruz leading the lot according to almost-complete results the situation with Democrats remained a little complicated late Monday.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were locked in a virtual tie, as their supporters in over 1,600 caucus sites across the state cast their verdicts.

In one precinct, however, things got a little tense after Clinton’s campaign was accused of voter fraud in Polk County.

The video above features Drew Gentsch, caucus chair for Clinton’s campaign, and precinct captain Liz Buck, at Precinct #43 in Des Moines,not conducting the actual count of Clinton’s supporters and deliberately misleading the caucus.

Multiple rounds of voting took place with head counts changing with each round, raising questions and suspicion from other voters.

Gentsch and other voters assumed the difference in head counts came from people who left the building before the second round. The question remains exactly what was the total number of people who were actually present at the time of the second voting. This was quite ambiguous as many voters raised the issue that Clinton’s crew members did not recount all of her supporters during the second round of voting.

Just a few hours before the alleged fraud occurred, Bernie Sanders’ campaign also kicked up a fuss, accusing Clinton of cheating by planning to flood the caucus with paid and volunteer staff. The controversy started when voters from Sioux County, Iowa, received a mailing from Clinton’s campaign that named a paid, out-of-state staffer as a precinct captain — something that is considered highly irregular as some of those staffers might end up voting even though they are not eligible.

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