Hillary Clinton Opens Up About Her Greatest Political Regret

Something from 20 years ago still stick with Clinton to this day.

Hillary Clinton may not be president, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have political regrets regardless. In an interview with AOL.com, Clinton revealed her regrets and also what she plans to do as soon as (when and if) she gets elected as president of the United States.

"I regret we didn’t get health care back in '93 or '94 because then we'd really be much further down the road," she said. 

Clinton and her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders both offer competing versions of health care, but Hillary says Sanders’ new health care plan, Medicare For All,  would "dismantle" Obamacare, forcing Democrats to "start all over again" on health care.

Clinton wants to focus on and build the Affordable Care Act, saying that repealing Obamacare won't be good for the nation.


She said she is extremely proud of what Obamacare has accomplished so far, and Clinton wants to carry forward and improve on the ACA.

As for the first thing she'd do if elected president, Clinton has a different focus.

"The first thing I really want to do is get the economy producing more good jobs with rising incomes," she said.


She also spoke of how different it is from the last time when she ran for president.

“I’m different, and I think I’ve learned a lot and my experience as secretary of state has given me additional understanding of what the next president has to do.”

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