Clinton's New Anti-Trump Ad Lets Trump Do All The Talking

Hillary Clinton wasted no time in launching a series of ads highlighting Donald Trump as a xenophobic, Islamophobic, sadistic, misogynistic bigot.

Hillary Clinton is not messing around anymore.

Now that Ted Cruz and John Kasich are out of the running, Donald Trump has become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Democratic front-runner Clinton wasted no time in rolling out the first in her series of anti-Trump ads — an attack against her GOP counterpart. The videos feature Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric against Muslims, Mexicans, minorities, gun control, abortion and the disabled, which serve to let Trump assassinate his own character.

The ads show the consequences of electing Trump as president. The first starts with the real estate mogul bashing Mexicans over drug cartels, crime, rape and even for speaking English — and escalates into bombing Middle East, using nukes indiscriminately and approving of torture methods.

In fact, the ad provides all the reasons why people should not vote for Trump.

There’s also sequel that features Trump’s statement at Super Tuesday on March 1, “I am a unifier.” But the spliced clippings of the foul-mouthed mogul’s own party members speaking out against him gives lie to his bold statement.

Watch the ad below.

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