Foster Child Provokes Hillary Clinton To Share Plans For The Poor

America’s issues extend far beyond gun control and foreign policy, and a foster child at Hillary Clinton’s town hall shows she is concerned about them.



Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton held a town hall at the Gilbert R. Hood Middle School, New Hampshire. The event was Clinton’s first of three town hall meetings in the Granite State and is her first trip to the home of first-in-the-nation primary in 2016.

After an hourlong speech on Sunday, a few young children from the audience asked Clinton a bunch of questions that left everyone emotional.

The youngsters asked the presidential candidate valid and important questions concerning people in poverty and children in foster care. However, a little girl absolutely stole the show when she said that she was in foster care due to her mother’s substance abuse.

As the little child asked Clinton for ideas to help other children like herself, she broke into tears and got Clinton herself teary-eyed too.

"First of all, I'm really sorry that happened to you," the former secretary of the state said, her voice low and with concern. "I'm very happy to hear you have somebody taking care of you that you feel that positive about. And I thank her for taking care of you."

The presidential hopeful then added that she would like to hear the ideas of foster children and foster parents about what they think would be helpful to them.

“I feel strongly we’ve got to improve our foster care system, because when children come to foster care they become all of our children,” she continued. “They should be given all of our love and support when they face a situation like this. Thank you for raising it.”

Another little girl in the crowd then asked Clinton about what ideas she had to help the poor. The child also added that she collects presents on her birthday and donates it to the underprivileged instead of keeping them for herself.

Clinton shared some of her ideas with the audience, including profit-sharing at companies and fixing low-income housing to cut down on living costs.

"But it really starts with, No. 1, a good job and the training and skills to get and keep that good job and raising incomes so people are rewarded for their work," she said."It’s a new year, it’s a year where we get to do what our democracy asks of us and to decide who our next president and commander in chief will be. I'm asking for your support in the primary to be that president, to get up every single day and stand up for you."

The meeting also included talks by Clinton about gun control, foreign policy and other important matters. However, she managed to throw in a few jokes here and there and keep the exchange light-hearted yet impactful.

"When I was first lady, I used to sneak out of the White House with a baseball cap and sunglasses and walk on the mall and people would say you look like Hillary Clinton,” the presidential hopeful said.

At the end of the meeting, Clinton requested the public to come out and vote for her as the next president.

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