The Battle Between Clinton And Sanders Comes Down To A Coin Toss

Is the Democratic presidential nominee really going to come down to a flip of the coin?

As the Iowa caucuses kicked off the 2016 presidential race, the battle on the Republican front was quite clear-cut. In a dramatic turn of events, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz burst the bubble of real-estate mogul and party frontrunner Donald Trump by coming out on top of him during Monday night polls.

However, on the Democratic end, the battle between Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton was so close that the Des Moines Democrats were forced to make a decision the exact same way we all did in junior high school.

A coin toss, literally.


Des Moines Precinct 70, which was reportedly split 61-61 between the two presidential hopefuls, declared Clinton the winner after the coin toss — because that’s how you get things done in Iowa, apparently.

More importantly, the coin toss rule is actually a part of Iowa caucus guide for Democratic precinct chair, so it wasn’t random or illegal at all.


Watch how democracy works  at least in Des Moines  in the video above.

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