Latino White Nationalist On Charlottesville: 'I'm Glad I Stomped A**'

“Yeah, I’m glad I stomped some ass out there, and I don’t give a f*ck,” the Hispanic white nationalist said.

A Puerto Rican man named Alex Michael Ramos was really proud of being a part of the violent KKK rally held by white supremacists in Charlottesville.

The deadly rally resulted in the death of an anti-racism protester named Heather Heyer after a white supremacist rammed his vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters.

Several other counter-protesters were injured demonstrating against the white supremacist march, including a 22-year-old aspiring hip-hop artist Deandre Harris.


“Me and about five of my friends were out protesting. We thought [the racists] left, but at one point they came back. Everyone was exchanging words with the group, but then the KKK and white supremacists just rushed us,” Harris told The Root in an interview.

“They were beating me with poles. I have eight staples in my head, a broken wrist and a chipped tooth,” Harris said.

Ramos was allegedly among the people who assaulted Harris.

He posted a video on his Facebook page, explaining how proud he was of being a part of the violent rally, marching along with Klansmen and neo-Nazis even though they don’t technically consider him white.

And the bigot had no regrets for his actions. “Yeah, I’m glad I stomped some ass out there, and I don’t give a f**k,” Ramos said at one point in the video. “I’m happy about it. You hurt my people, I guess we hurt you back.”

He also mentioned how he wasn’t a white person, but marching with the KKK apparently made him proud.

“I’m not even f*cking white, so how am I a superior race?” he asked. “I’m Spanish, listen: ‘Puerto Ricano.'”

A Facebook user tried telling Ramos his Puerto Rican heritage meant there were chances of him having black ancestors.  “OK, so are you trying to make me feel some kind of way because I have black ancestors, because we f*cking blended blood?” he questioned.

“If you marched with racists, what does that make you?” asked another user.

“I don’t know. Human?” was his ignorant response.

According to tweets by Atlanta Antifascists, Ramos is part of the Georgia Security Force, and not only is he a white power believer, he is also an Islamophobe.






Shaun King, senior justice writer for The New York Daily News and a Black Lives Matter affiliate, took to Facebook and shared his video and pictures, rightfully asking for the arrest of this unabashed bigot.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Shannon Stapleton

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