Hitler Speech Found At Home Of Man Who Allegedly Gunned Down Black Men

“We're not completely closed off to that. We're looking at all possibilities at this time, so we're not going to just pinpoint that.”



A white man, who allegedly killed two black men, had a copy of Adolf Hitler speech in his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

According to police officials, Kenneth Gleason reportedly killed a 59-year-old homeless man named Bruce Cofield and a dishwasher named Donald Smart, who was going to work.

In both cases, the 23-year-old shot the victims from his car, shooting them multiple times even after they fell down, according to police.

Gleason was taken in custody by the Baton Rouge police and was charged with first-degree murder.

When investigators searched his house, they found a copy of Hitler’s speech. Police still haven't definitively determinated if the murders were racially motivated.

“We're not completely closed off to that. We're looking at all possibilities at this time, so we're not going to just pinpoint that,” said Sgt. L'Jean McKneely.

The police chief further said, “Baton Rouge has been through a lot of turmoil in the last year. Had there not been a swift conclusion to this case, I feel confident that this killer probably would have killed again. He could have potentially created a tear in the fabric that holds this community together.”

Mary Smart, Donald Smart’s aunt, said, “I'm feeling down and depressed. My nephew, I love him, and he was on his way to work, and that makes it so sad. He was always smiling and hugging everybody. A lot of people knew him.”

It remains unclear whether Gleason had an attorney or when his first court appearance would be.

It is important to note had the suspect been a non-white, this incident would have been treated very differently. It is likely he would have inevitably been labeled a “thug” — whereas Gleason is being treated better than most black victims.

Hate-related incidents have increased since President Donald Trump has assumed office. In just one example, a Muslim woman was beaten to death in Virginia.

Nabra Hussein was walking back after grabbing breakfast at IHOP before beginning her fast at sunrise for Ramadan. As she headed home with friends, a motorist in a red car with a baseball bat started shouting insults at them.

Hussein’s friends ran to the mosque for safety but soon realized that their friend was missing. After hours of searching, the police found Hussein’s remains in a pond near Ridgetop Circle in Sterling.


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