Starbucks Forced To Shut Down After Enraged Trump Fans Fall For Hoax

An Atlanta Starbucks had to close briefly after a hoax about a black Starbucks barista tainting white people’s food enraged President Donald Trump supporters.

President Donald Trump supporters fell for a race-baiting Facebook post in which a person claimed to be a black Starbucks employee by the name of Shanell Rivers detailing how she tainted customers’ food.

That didn’t sit well with the Trumpkins of Atlanta, who responded with threats, which caused the café to shut down temporarily, according to Raw Story. The post took on a life of its own after appearing in the “White People Vs. Black People (The Original)” Facebook group and a Reddit group full of Trump supporters.

The post listed some stomach-churning things claimed to have been done by Rivers to white customers at the coffee shop. The list included spitting in a drink, mixing blood in food, using an unsanitary rag to wipe a table, putting feces in hot chocolate, overcharging customers, and licking bread before serving it.

That kind of behavior is repulsive, but these Trump supporters didn’t take a minute to stop and think about the source of this information. The first step should’ve been to call the Starbucks location to find out whether a Shanell Rivers worked any shifts there or not.

Reddit user ArsenallTTwo commented, “Report her to the FBI. That’s almost bioterrorism. Felonies.”

Another user, Haurboss, chimed in, “One guy got 6 months in prison for putting pubic hair in a police officers burger before[.] Putting blood and dogs*** in food would no doubt equal years in prison.”

They’d soon find out that it was all a hoax to pit the two races against each other, but based on the comments they enjoyed feeding into it because they don’t want peace.

“The incident marks a growing headache for law enforcement: accusations or claims of salacious behavior weaponized on social media and taken offline to produce real-world potential for harm,” The Washington Post explained, according to Raw Story.

Starbucks eventually put the hoax to rest in a response to a Twitter user.



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