Hockey Coach Gives Expletive-Laden Pep Talk To Children

“F**k their coaches! F**k their wives!” the coach yells at the teenage boys trying to amplify their spirits before the game.

An unnamed youth coach of the hockey team of the Littleton (Colorado) Hockey Association was fired for using abusive language in a speech given to 14-year-old boys.

The coach was trying to amp up the team’s spirit, but his pep talk was the very definition of inappropriate.

He can be seen screaming in mobile phone footage recorded in the locker room. The teenagers first giggled at their coach’s psyched-up speech and then tried to calm him down.

“You're gonna beat 'em three-none! I wanna see you sticking your hands up these guys a*** and workin' 'em like a f****** puppet!'” he said.

Later, the abusive coach picks up a boy by his collar and shouts, before yelling, “I want to see you beat up Green Mountain. F*** Green Mountain!  F*** their coaches, f*** their wives, f*** their friends,” he said of the opposing team.

When the furious coach got really loud, the teenagers warned him someone from the other room could hear him. “I don’t care,” was his response.

After a complaint from U.S. Hockey, the league discovered this horrific episode, and apologized to the families of the teenagers who had to hear their coach’s explicit language.

“This unfortunate event is not a representation of our association and out of respect for the families and the sport we are diligently working to correct the situation,” league President George Stieduhar said in a statement to the CBS affiliate in Denver.

The hockey coach was later fired.

Naturally no parent would want their children to work with such undisciplined coaches.

Brian Teneyck, director of hockey operations for Littleton Youth Hockey, sent an email apologizing to the parents for the coach's behavior; telling them the irresponsible man in question was fired.

“Littleton Hockey does not condone this type of behavior. Coaches, players and parents get emotional for the sport of youth hockey, but there is no need, nor do we allow, this type of behavior within our association. The coach recognizes his mistake. He is young and will hopefully learn from it. Through this, we hope LHA can better train all of our coaches as to how their interaction with players, opponents, referees and spectators reflects on this great association. We would like to apologize to all players and parents effected by this behavior. We are truly sorry,” read the email.

It is high time for coaches to realize their responsibility. Coaches should be motivated to find new approaches to bring winning attitudes to their sports teams — without bullying them unnecessarily or using such intimidation tactics.

Thumbnail/Banner: Reuters, Jim Young

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