Another White Guy Kills A Cop, Gets Arrested Without Being Shot

According to reports, Hollis Daniels arrived at the police station, pulled out a gun, shot a police officer in the head and fled the scene.


A freshman student at Texas Tech University reportedly shot campus police officer and killed him after being arrested for possessing drugs.

Hollis A. Daniels, 19, from Seguin, Texas, was taken into custody after police arrived at the dorm for a welfare check and found evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia in his room. He was then taken into custody for further questioning.

According to reports, as Daniels arrived at the police station, he pulled out a gun and shot a police officer in the head and fled the scene. It still remains unknown how he got hold of the firearm — whether he had it with himself or he snatched it from an officer.

After shooting the cop, Daniels fled the headquarters on foot.

Police then placed the campus on lockdown and activated a search for the freshman, including SWAT members. After a search of nearly two hours, Daniels was arrested near Jones AT&T Stadium.

Texas Tech Police Chief Kyle Bonath confirmed that Daniels shot one of the officers and fled the scene. He also added that the gun used in the incident was a 9-mm handgun.

Following the incident, Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement that read, “First and foremost, our hearts go out to the family of the police officer killed at Texas Tech University. I have spoken to Chancellor Robert Duncan to offer my condolences, and I have mobilized the Texas Department of Public Safety to offer any assistance to the Lubbock Police Department.”

“As the Texas Tech campus deals with this heartbreaking tragedy, Cecilia and I pray for the continued safety of the students and the entire community,” the statement further read.

Robert L. Duncan, the university’s chancellor, also released a statement.

“Words can’t express how saddened I am by the tragic loss of one of our Texas Tech University police officers tonight. Terri and I offer our thoughts and prayers to the officer’s family and the Texas Tech University Police Department,” Duncan said.

“I would like to thank Gov. Greg Abbott, Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope and all of the law enforcement professionals from across the area who supported our campus during this time of need. Our Texas Tech family is strong and will support each other as we grieve,” he further added.

The incident once again goes to show the difference in attitude of police officers while dealing with white people as compared to African-Americans.

They adopt a very polite and lenient behavior while dealing with whites while black people are treated with excessive force.

Last week, police in Salt Lake City, Utah, fatally shot a black man from behind. Patrick Harmon, 50, was reportedly pulled over by Officer Kris Smith because he was riding a bicycle without a light. The officers asked him to remove his backpack. As he took his bag off, the cops asked him to turn around and put his arms around his back.

However, as the officers tried to arrest him, Harmon attempted to escape. That was when one of the officers fired three bullets at him, before shouting, “I’ll f***ing shoot you!”

Harmon died on the spot.

Likewise, if the student who shot the cop was black, police probably would have dealt with him very differently and aggressively. He would probably have ended up being shot as well.





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