'Hollywood' Becomes 'Hollyweed' In New Year Prank

Los Angeles woke up to a New Year surprise when the iconic Hollywood sign was altered by a prankster.

On the first day of 2017, the iconic Hollywood sign looked a little different — it turned in to "Hollyweed" overnight.

A prankster, armed with four tarpaulins, was able to climb to Mount Lee and alter the famous landmark, according to the Los Angeles Times. Security footage recorded at 3 a.m. showed an individual hanging the tarpaulins over the letters ‘o’ and replacing them with ‘e’, said Sergeant Guy Juneau from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Security Service’s branch.  One of the tarpaulins was decorated with a peace sign, while the other one had a heart.

No one has claimed responsibility of the stunt. The incident will be investigated as misdemeanor trespassing because the sign was not damaged.

This stunt is similar to an incident that took place 41 years ago. On January, 1, 1976, Danny Finegood, an arts student, altered the famous landmark in the same way. The modification was his project for an art class. The prank earned him an A for an assignment. Finegood was never charged with a crime.

In 1983, the famous landmark was draped with the words “Go Navy” before the annual Army-Navy game. Later that decade, Caltech students edited the sign to spell out the name of their school. In 2010, the Trust for Public Land modified the sign to read “Save The Peak.”

Celebrities took to Twitter to share how they felt about the prank:







And others followed:




The Hollyweed incident coincided with the first day of California relaxing its marijuana laws. 

 Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS, Kevork Djansezian

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