Homeless Man Sues Couple Who Allegedly Stole Money They Raised For Him

Johnny Bobbitt’s random act of kindness helped raise $400,000 for him. However, now it seems he never received the money he was promised.

UPDATE: A homeless man who spent his last $20 on a woman in need of gas is now suing the couple, claiming they stole the money raised for him. 

Johnny Bobbitt said he believes Katie McClure and Mark D’Amico kept a portion of the more than $400,000 raised in a GoFundMe campaign for themselves. Yet the couple denied the allegations of fraud and instead asserted that they fear Bobbitt will just waste the donations on drugs. D'Amico maintained there is $150,000 left in the account.

Bobbitt is seeking undisclosed damages and wants a judge to appoint an individual to oversee the account. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday. 

A once heartwarming story restoring our faith in humanity could now turn out to be just a scam. If true, it's a bleak reminder to be careful of who you trust. 

Johnny Bobbitt’s random act of kindness was supposed to change his life when he, despite being homeless, used his last $20 to get gas for a woman whose car broke down.

In 2017, Katie McClure was out on the interstate when her car ran out of gas. That is when Bobbitt approached the scared and troubled woman and instructed her to keep her doors locked. After a while, he returned with a canister of gas that he had bought with the last few dollars he had left.

Unbeknownst to Bobbitt, McClure would remember this kind gesture and would soon repay him for this act. At first, the woman would bring the homeless man food, warm clothes and even throw in some spare change as a way to repay the kind stranger.

But this was not enough for her to show her gratitude. She wanted to do more.

After a visit to Bobbitt with her boyfriend Mark D’Amico, McClure thought it’d be a good idea to raise money for him through the GoFundMe campaign.

“I wish that I could do more for this selfless man, who went out of his way just to help that day," McClure told the people at GoFundMe.

The couple hoped to raise $10,000, but the story tugged away at the heartstrings of a lot of people.

In a few months, the campaign managed to earn more than $400,000. Over 14,000 people wanted to help Bobbitt. who was supposed to get a new chance at life.

McClure told the press the plan was to get the homeless man a house and his dream truck and Bobbitt himself planned to donate money to organizations that helped people such as himself.

McClure and Bobbitt even spent Christmas together.

However, a lot has changed since then and what seemed like widely covered “feel good” story almost a year ago, may turn out to be big scam.

Accusations have been made about how Bobbitt’s fund money has been handled. There have even been claims of outright theft.

Bobbitt suspects the couple may have used the money raised for him to facilitate their own fairy tale, allegedly spending the GoFundMe cash on the their vacations, a luxury car and more.

Bobbitt said he should have seen the red flags after the couple promised him a home but instead got him a camper, which was kept in the couple’s name and was also parked on a land owned by McClure’s boyfriend. Instead of the truck that Bobbitt always dreamed of, he was given a used SUV that soon broke down.

According to Bobbitt, he never received any type of ownership over the money that was raised for him. A financial adviser was brought in to extinguish any fears, but reportedly the trust was never there.

After buying the camper and SUV, McClure’s boyfriend, D’Amico, said the remaining $200,000 was kept in a savings account that would be handed over to Bobbitt after he was over his addiction to opioid.

D’Amico said in Bobbitt’s current state handing over the money would be like “handing over a loaded gun."

However, Bobbitt claims the money was being used to expense the couple’s vacations to Las Vegas and McClure’s new BMW.

If Bobbitt’s claims are true, this could perhaps be the biggest fraud in the GoFundMe’s campaign history. The organization said it would launch a thorough investigation to determine if the money was actually mismanaged and is working to ensure that Bobbitt receives the help he deserves and that the donors’ intentions were honored.

It’s still unclear how much money from the campaign had gone to Bobbitt as neither McClure nor her boyfriend have returned calls or messages to news outlets.

They also did not provide and financial statements or records.

However, Bobbitt has since hired an attorney, Chris Fallon, in an attempt to find out where the campaign money has been used. Since then, Bobbitt’s camper and SUV have been taken away and access to his funded money has been denied.

Meanwhile, Bobbitt is homeless and is sleeping under a bridge once again.

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