Homeless Man Makes Two Trips Into Burning Building To Save 5-Year-Old

A Wisconsin homeless man sprang into action when a fire broke out in an apartment complex, trapping a five-year-old girl inside the building.

A homeless man is being hailed as a hero after rescuing a five-year-old girl from a fire on Sunday, Kenosha News reports.

Brian Dail, 36, moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin with his wife and children, but has since become homeless. After being banned from local shelters for rule violations, Dail’s children were taken into foster care and his wife filed for divorce.

While Dail was visiting his brother’s apartment on Sunday, a fire broke out inside the building.

Dail and his brother both made it out of the four-story structure safely. “I ran outside without my shoes or coat,” he recounted. However, once outside, he heard people yelling that a child was still inside.

At that point, as Dail reportedly ran back into the building to track the girl down, he stumbled upon a cat that was left behind and brought it out first. He also needed to catch some fresh air after inhaling the heavy smoke.

He ran back into the building a second time in hopes of rescuing the child. “I’m not worried about me, she’s more important than anything,” Dail reportedly said of the young girl.

He located her in her family's unit curled up on the couch under a blanket and he lifted her up when she reached out to him.

She was reunited with her own family and taken to the hospital to get treated for smoke inhalation. The girl’s father, Reginald Pritchett, said that Dail was an “angel in disguise.”

The day after the fire, Dail went to meet the girl he saved and her father. He considers the experience to be a bit of light in a dark time. “She’s my guardian angel,” he said.

Perhaps all of the unfortunate events of Dail’s life were meant to lead him to that very moment where he was able to save a little girl’s life.

Sometimes the obstacles we face guide us to other people who may need us in one way or another, and in this case, Dail was in the right place at the right time when he was needed most. 

Banner Photo Credit: Pixabay user skeeze

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