Homeowner’s House Ravaged After Airbnb Guest’s ‘New Year’s Banger’

A man rented a room in Ohio through Airbnb but ended up taking over the entire house and throwing a wild New Year’s Eve party. He now faces criminal charges.

Airbnb has restrictions against renters throwing unauthorized parties in their host's home, but that didn’t stop one man from holding a huge 250-person “New Year’s Banger” in someone else’s house.

An unnamed man rented a room in a Seven Hills, Ohio, home for New Year’s Eve at a rate of $40 per night. The 28-year-old homeowner, who is also unnamed, reportedly warned the renter that he couldn’t throw any parties and even put barriers up to restrict access to certain areas of the house, the New York Post reports.

Alas, the renter did not take heed and advertised on Twitter that he was having a party and charging guests $5 to attend.

What’s more disrespectful than the renter simply ignoring the homeowner’s rules is that he did so while the owner was home. The resident reportedly locked himself in his bedroom and called the police as the party started to get out of control.

Based on what police described, this was more than just a party; this was an all-out rager.

“I observed several hundred people packed so tightly in each of the rooms and up the stairwell, it did not appear there was space for anyone to extend their arms,” one officer who responded to the scene wrote in a police report.

Cops from five different area police departments were called upon to shut down the wild gathering. The responding officers reported smelling marijuana and seeing guests excessively drinking alcohol, including some people who were “throwing up where they stood.”

“People broke open the front windows and began pulling out the windows, as police entered the basement several people broke out a basement window and exited through the window,” according to a police report.

Unfortunately, the homeowner had to bear some responsibility for his unruly renter and was cited for a noise disturbance. Meanwhile, the man who actually hosted the party is facing charges of disorderly conduct for unreasonable noise, hindering movement on public streets, furnishing alcohol to minors, alcohol activities without a permit, and criminal damaging. However, he has reportedly not yet been arrested.

Once Airbnb caught wind of the ordeal, officials issued a statement, deeming the incident “incredibly rare.”

“We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior and have permanently banned this individual from our platform and are fully supporting our host under the Airbnb Host Guarantee program,” the statement reportedly read. “Our team is also reaching out to law enforcement to offer them our assistance with their investigation. The safety of our community is the most important thing we work on every day.” 

Renters throwing uncontrollably wild parties may be "rare" as officials claim, but Airbnb horror stories certainly aren't. The platform has faced scrutiny for not having a stronger vetting process for its users as people have reported being subjected to racism, sexual assault, and privacy violations.

After each situation comes to light, the company maintains it doesn't tolerate such behaviors, and yet, these types of incidents continue to occur. Airbnb may be an affordable and convenient resource, but people's safety and peace of mind are worth so much more. Something must change, or hosts and renters alike will surely begin to check out for good. 

Banner/thumbnail : Reuters, Yuya Shino 

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