Homophobes In England Set A Man On Fire For Being Gay

A 20-year-old homosexual man was leaving a church in England when a group of men set him on fire because of his sexual orientation.

It’s one thing to have different views about homosexuality, but to physically hurt someone because they are gay is absolutely uncalled for.

Four homophobic men relentlessly harassed a 20-year-old gay man outside of a church before setting his legs on fire, according to ITV.

The unnamed man was walking around the Holy Trinity Church premises in Stockton, England as four men questioned him on his sexuality when the innocent victim decided to ignore the judgmental men.

After deciding to continue on with his day, the men then performed a horrendous hate crime on the victim that crossed the line completely.

holy trinity church

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman told Hartlepool Mail, “One of the men then approached him from behind and sprayed an aerosol can at the victim's legs which he then set alight, causing burns to the victim’s calves."

The men bolted after the shocking hate crime while the police are still looking to catch the suspects.

The 20-year-old needed skin grafts on his calves and is continuing treatment at a local hospital, BBC News reported.

It’s unfathomable that people can develop so much hatred and discrimination towards homosexuals that they feel the need to go to physically attack them. 

Banner Image Credit: Simon Armstrong, Wikimedia Commons

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