Hong Kong Tycoon Announces Split With Girlfriend With A Full-Page Ad

Well, that's one way to blow up your relationship.

Hong Kong

A Hong Kong tycoon, the 65th richest man in the world, is making headlines (quite literally), after announcing the split with his girlfriend with full-page newspaper adverts.

Joseph Lau, who separated from 37-year-old Yvonne Lui in 2014, has two children with her.

“Prior to the break-up, I maintained and took care of Ms. Lui and gave her lots of money, jewelry and other gifts, the total value of which exceeded HK$2 billion,” the billionaire wrote in the five-point announcement.

He further declared he does not intend to give her any money or gifts in the future since there was no relationship left between them.

He also announced his ex-girlfriend would still be allowed to “live in the house and use the vehicles and private aircraft,” so she can accompany the children and take care of them.

“Ms. Lui has accumulated considerable wealth and she is now a very wealthy woman. She can maintain a luxurious lifestyle by herself without my financial support,” he stated.

The advertisement closed off with Lau making it loud and clear that he and Lui have nothing more to do with each other on a personal level, calling an end to all speculation and rumors regarding the matter.

Just last year around the same time, Lau made headlines when he spent a whopping $40 million on a previous “Blue Moon Diamond” for his daughter. He owns three-quarters of Chinese Estates, one of Hong Kong's largest real estate investors and has a listed net worth of $12.5 billion in Forbes.

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