Escalator In Hong Kong Mall Reverses, Causing Massive Human Pile-Up

People in a Hong Kong mall using an escalator got the worst scare of their lives when the machine began moving in reverse.

A video has captured the horrific moment an escalator mishap in Hong Kong caused a human pile-up, injuring around 17 people.

Visitors to the 15-story Mong Kok mall on Langham Place were going about their day as usual, when some of them on an escalator got involved in an accident.

The 45-meter machine suddenly changed direction and began moving in reverse at a higher speed. People began screaming and shouting in panic, but the escalator stopped for no one, causing a human pile-up as a result. Eyewitnesses reported that the escalator was moving at twice its normal speed when it reversed, making it impossible for people to help themselves and get off.

“I heard people screaming. The escalator was going down but the speed accelerated. People started to panic and some fell down,” a woman called Tina told South China Morning Post.

Fourteen women and three men reportedly sustained injuries in the accident, but were helped by mall-goers following the incident. 

According to a spokeswoman from Langham Place, the escalator had recently passed a safety inspection, and the cause of the accident is being looked into by the Otis Elevator Company (HK) Limited.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Kim Kyung-Hoon

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