Video Of Man Brutally Beating His Wife In Brazil Sparks Outrage

“The video just reflects the levels of violence we have been documenting. What Brazil has to learn is that most of these cases are preventable. It is very rare that a murder is the first case of violence.”

Disclaimer: Some viewers might find the contents of this video disturbing.


Horrific security camera footage showing a Brazilian man beating his wife of five years has come to light, offering a glimpse into the harsh reality of prevalent domestic violence against women in the South American country.

On July 22, the security cameras caught Luís Felipe Manvailer pummeling and kicking his wife, Tatiane Spitzner, in the garage of their building. After she tried unsuccessfully to run away from him, he forced her up into the elevator to their fifth-floor apartment.

While in the elevator, Spitzner tried desperately to flee but to no avail, unfortunately. Manvailer struggled to keep her under control and at one point shoved her into the wall before the two exited for their apartment.

Less than 20 minutes later, the woman plummeted to her death, her body landing on the sidewalk outside the apartment building. The disturbing sight was caught on the security cameras, which also showed Manvailer retrieving Spitzner’s dead body and dragging it back to the couple’s apartment.

In the elevator, the man checked himself out in the mirror and then appeared to wipe his wife’s blood off his face. Later, Manvailer returned to the elevator to wipe blood off the floor and walls.

The absolutely abhorrent footage has been making the rounds on national television in Brazil and on social media ever since it was first broadcasted on Brazilian TV program “Fantástico.”

The graphic three-minute long video gave a blow-by-blow account of what domestic violence really looks like and made Brazilians flock to social media to decry the country’s popular idiom which says, “When it’s a fight between husband and wife, don’t stick a spoon in.”

After looking at such a disturbing case of brutality against women by their partners, many online users called for a cultural shift in how the country reacts to such cases. They started an online campaign by using hashtag #metaAcolher or “stick a spoon in,” which rejects the traditional saying and suggests outsiders should get involved if the fights between a couple take an aggressive turn.

Moreover, during the 15 minutes the pair spent in their apartment, neighbors could reportedly hear Spitzner screaming in pain and desperately crying out for help. It leaves a gnawing possibility to ponder over whether the woman could have been saved if someone had interrupted.

One of the friends of the victim told “Fantástico” that Spitzner often had bruises on her arm. She also once reportedly messaged saying her husband “hated her to death.”

According to the New York Times, Manvailer is currently under investigation after being apprehended by the police for the alleged murder of his wife. The man denied killing his wife, claiming she jumped off the balcony herself.

In the wake of the appalling incident, the victim’s sister, Luana Spitzner, has also begun a campaign against femicide by making a page on Instagram, called TodosPorTatiante, or All by Tatiante.

According to a 2017 nationwide survey, a third of women in Brazil have been the victims of domestic violence ranging from beatings to attempted murder.

“The video just reflects the levels of violence we have been documenting,” Maria Laura Canineu, the Brazil director for Human Rights Watch, told the Times. “What Brazil has to learn is that most of these cases are preventable. It is very rare that a murder is the first case of violence.”

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