House Republicans Just Voted To Allow Mentally Ill People To Buy Guns

The Republican-controlled House voted 235 to 180 to overturn the regulation created to keep guns of the hands of severely mentally ill people.

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Despite what Trump administration may want you to believe, terrorism is not the worst of your problems. One of the biggest issues plaguing the United States right now is gun violence, but the Republicans — and most importantly, President Donald Trump — conveniently choose to ignore it.

Instead, what they want to do is weaken the already weak Obama-era gun control measures and abolish gun-free zones at schools and military bases, completely disregarding the fact that several studies have equated the increase in firearms to increase in violence.

The Republican-controlled House recently made a move to block one such measure instituted by Obama administration in its finals days.

The rule forced Social Security Administration to identify recipients who were mentally incapable of managing their own affairs. The names were then included in a database for background check.

To put it simply, it was an attempt to prevent severely mentally ill people from purchasing guns.

However, the GOP and gun law critics saw it as discrimination against disabled people.

Therefore, in a bit to strengthen gun ownership under President Trump, the House Republicans voted 235 to 180 to scrape the law.

Meanwhile, these are the Democrats who voted yes.

“The Social Security Administration not only overstepped its mission with this regulation, it discriminated against certain Americans with disabilities who receive Social Security benefits,” said chair of the Ways and Means Committee and Texas Rep. Kevin Brady. “The agency should be focused on serving all of its beneficiaries, not picking and choosing whose Second Amendment rights to deny.”

What the congressman failed to explain is why in the world would anyone intentionally give gun to a severely mentally ill person knowing they could use it to harm either themselves or others?

Much to the delight of National Rifle Association, the Senate is also expected to approve the measure.

“The Obama administration's last minute, back-door gun grab would have stripped law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment rights without due process,” NRA Executive Director Chris W. Cox said in a statement. “Today's vote was the first step in revoking this unconstitutional action.”

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