GOPer To MSNBC Host: You View World Differently Because You're A Woman

“I know you and I see the world differently… you know, men are from Mars and women are from Venus,” the House Republican said.



Apparently, Chris Stewart, a member of House Intelligence Committee, thinks MSNBC's Katy Tur cannot comment on the Russia-FBI probe because she is a woman.

Tur asked him about his concerns regarding President Donald Trump’s efforts to remove his “guys” from the Department of Justice who do not immediately bend to his whims, and undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into his election campaign and possible Russian meddling.

“President Trump wanted to fire Director Comey and he wanted him gone after he refused to drop the Russia investigation,” Tur said.

“He said it was about Russia with NBC’s Lester Holt. Comey was fired. President Trump railed against Andrew McCabe on Twitter and repeatedly insulted him and his wife even. McCabe is stepping aside. President Trump has repeatedly called out Rod Rosenstein. Now this memo which many are saying is basically Devin Nunes’ version of events supposedly shows Rosenstein in a bad light. How do you not see this as a deliberate purge of everybody who the president doesn’t like or who could threaten the president in a Russia investigation?”

Stewart, a Republican from Utah, did not have a convincing response to the question posed by Tur, so, he replied in the most bizarre manner, bringing in the “men from Mars… women from Venus” debate.

“Katy, I know you and I see the world differently, and this is one of those cases where we’re just, you know, men are from Mars and women are from Venus,” the Republican said.

The trick did not work for the “man from Mars” as Tur stopped Stewart at once to elaborate his statement.

“I’m sorry, hold on, you think we see the world differently?” Tur said. “I just laid out a number of facts.”

However, Stewart was in no mood to answer Tur’s question on the merits.

“Look, people can say — look at things and claim facts or claim their interpretation of facts, but they clearly have different views on that,” Stewart continued beating about the bush.

Stewart called it “silly” to assume that Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s former deputy director, resigned because of Trump’s personal attacks on him. He supported his argument by saying “the FBI is independent.”

Watch the video here.

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