GOP Rep. Peter King Threatens To Take Cyanide If Cruz Wins Nomination

Rep. Peter King was not shy about his hatred for Ted Cruz during a segment on "Morning Joe."

It’s been said that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has no friends in Congress, but that may be an understatement—New York representative Peter King facetiously told “Morning Joe” on Tuesday that he would be committing suicide if Cruz became the GOP nominee.

“I hate Ted Cruz, and I think I’ll take cyanide if he ever got the nomination,” King said to the hosts, who laughed in surprise.

King predicted a big win for Donald Trump in New York today, although he confirmed that he was not endorsing or backing Trump—he explained that he voted via absentee ballot in New York for John Kasich.

Cruz’s unpopularity with his GOP colleagues has become a recurring joke; during a recent GOP gala, he was essentially ignored by all the attendees as he gave a speech. Fellow senator, Lindsey Graham, notoriously said that choosing between Trump and Cruz was like “being shot or poisoned. I think you get the same result, whether it’s quick or takes a long time.”

Graham also joked that if Cruz were killed on the Senate floor and the trial were held by the Senate, no one would be convicted.

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This hatred of Cruz appears to be widespread, but ultimately, the GOP may have to reluctantly back him if they hope to escape a general election with Trump. 

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