Houston Cop Tells Black Woman To ‘Pretend Like We’re Gonna Shoot You’

“Hands up! Put your hands up. Over your head! Pretend like we’re going to shoot you,” the unnamed cop yelled at the woman.



A police officer showed exactly how racist some members of the law enforcement can be in a shocking and deeply insensitive video.

A Houston police officer stopped a blue Nissan SUV that was driving by and told the four passengers in the car to get out. A passerby, Denee Harris, who was driving by, saw the interaction and decided to stop and film it.

And luckily she did, because what happened next was a supreme example of police misconduct and abuse of power.

As soon as a black woman got out from the car, the cop yelled, “Hands up! Put your hands up. Over your head! Pretend like we’re going to shoot you.”

“He says put your hands up like we gonna shoot you,” exclaimed Harris in the video. “Why would he say that?”

Whatever the cop’s reason, there was no call for him to threaten the woman with shooting, especially in light of the fact how many police interactions with black Americans end up in tragedy.

The cop also reportedly snatched crutches out f the hands of one of the passengers before detaining him. The police officers then hopped into the SUV and drove off with it down the road.

Harris voiced the concerns the cops may have been planting evidence in the car.

“I was so scared. I didn’t know how it was going to end,” she said.

The passengers have not been identified and it is also not confirmed why the police pulled them over.

Randall Kallinen, a Houston lawyer who handles excessive force cases, said the cop’s behavior was “highly unprofessional.”

He also said the Houston police have a history of not addressing excessive force issues in its department, which leads to more abuse.

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