How A Stream Of Petty Tweets Put Trump At Odds With The World

President Donald Trump seems to have no problems with alienating everyone under the sun, from the media to members of his own party. What is he trying to do?

Trump smiles from a podium.

Scrolling through President Donald Trump's tweets, it's almost as if he has no business trying to build bridges and bring Americans together. Rather, the crass leader remains busy alienating various segments of the population.

Since early Tuesday morning, Trump used Twitter to complain about everyone, from the NFL to members of his own party.

Sparing nobody, Trump seemed to be on a mission to make as many enemies as possible.

First, he targeted the NFL by threatening to end the behemoth's tax breaks, a statement that is inaccurate. In the same tweet, he also took a stab at players who exercise their First Amendment rights.

Then, he aimed at Democrats in Congress, complaining that they do not want to focus on immigration reform because they fail to see the merit in building a wasteful wall between Mexico and the United States that will add to the deficit.

He also attacked Republicans for not passing healthcare reform, threatening to use executive power to go around Congress.

After alienating several people in his own party, the president then continued with the insults, targeting Jemele Hill, whose suspension from ESPN came after her comments regarding NFL advertisers who were against players kneeling in protest.

Finally, Trump once again attacked Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) while also insulting the “failing” New York Times.

In a recent interview, Corker expressed concerns regarding Trump’s fitness to serve, questioning his stability and competence. Prior to Tuesday’s very public attacks, Corker even tweeted about the president, calling the White House an “adult day care center.”

As Trump doubles down on these feuds, attacking everyone under the sun, it’s clear that his bullying instinct speaks louder than his duty to put the country first.

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