How Do You Impeach A President?

Impeachment does not necessarily mean removal from office. However, it is first half of the process that leads to a president being kicked out of the White House.

Even before President Donald Trump entered the Oval Office, calls for impeachment were loud and clear.

Now, two stressful weeks and dozens of troubling executive orders later, the movement to remove the boorish billionaire from office seems to be gaining momentum.

After all, his malicious, brash, thoughtless and semi-dictatorial behavior seems adequate grounds for the Congress to kick him out of the White House by impeachment under Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

Even professor Allan Lichtman, the man dubbed "Prediction Professor" for accurately calling almost every presidential election since 1984, also predicted the new commander-in-chief could face removal from office.

So, what is everyone waiting for?

Well, the truth is, the decision to impeach a president is often a political act. In addition to that, it is much more complicated than most might think.

For starters, impeachment does not necessarily mean conviction or even removal from the position, for that matter.

Find out what impeachment exactly does mean and how do you impeach a president in the video above.

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