Here’s How The Rest Of The World Is Making Fun Of Donald Trump

The president-elect seems to get mad when Alec Baldwin impersonates him on “Saturday Night Live,” but does he have any idea how the rest of the world sees him?

For a man of his age and position, Donald Trump does not take criticism well. Actually, he has a penchant for attacking people who dare to displease him.

Take Alec Baldwin for example. The actor’s spot-on imitation of the president-elect on “Saturday Night Live” seems to be the only thing getting Americans through his distressing period with having a complete meltdown.

However, the boisterous billionaire absolutely hates it.


He even got into a Twitter fight with Baldwin over it.


The question is, does Trump even realize that it is not just SNL, or America for that matter, that mocks him for his bigotry and sexism?

Well, here is a news flash: The rest of the world is making the same jokes about him.

Be it Canada, Uruguay, New Zealand or Taiwan, the future commander-in-chief’s squint and pout have become quite popular.

Find out more in the video above.

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