How Trump Supporters Allegedly Plan To Intimidate Voters At The Polls

Mass voter fraud is nonexistent in the country, but neither Donald Trump nor his loyalists seem to be able to grasp that fact. Instead, they just plan to play dirty.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a sore loser.

Now that his poll numbers are tanking and the list sexual assault allegations is growing longer, the media mogul has begin raising concerns about a “global conspiracy” to derail his presidential campaign.

Trump seems convinced that everything — including the polls, the media and even the electoral system — is “rigged” against him. In reality, it is not easy to rig the American electoral system. In fact, voter mass fraud is almost nonexistent in the country.

Unfortunately, not only are Trump supporters buying this mass fraud rhetoric, they are even threatening to revolt if their candidate does not win.

Recently, The Huffington Post revealed that Vote Protectors, anti-voter-fraud pro-Trump group, plans to send its volunteers to polling places on Election Day with official-looking ID badges. These “citizen journalists” allegedly plan to videotape voters and conduct phony “exit polls” in efforts to confuse and intimidate voters.

To make these Trump loyalists appear more legit, the group even released an interview guide, which looks like a scripted TV segment. It instructs the volunteers to approach voters in cities with large minority populations and ask about “voter fraud,” refer to the bigoted billionaire’s theories about “rigged election” and “President Barack Obama’s refusal to entertain the fantasy of voter fraud as a serious idea.”


“Would you say that concern over election fraud is legitimate?” reads the script. “Do you think that it will be a problem in the upcoming presidential election?”

These are tactics of intimidation.

It’s important for voters to understand that they should not automatically trust that everyone who walks up to them at a polling station is an official election worker,” said Danielle Lang, the deputy director of voting rights at the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center. “Not even poll workers have a right to determine your eligibility to vote. All they can do is run your name against a list of registered voters. If you are told you’re not on the list, you should ask to cast a provisional ballot.”

Trump ally Roger Stone’s nonprofit Stop the Steal hosted the Vote Protectors website, which has since been deactivated. 


Less than two weeks till Election Day, folks.

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