Huge TSA Lines Forced Travelers To Sleep On Cots At Chicago Airport

Horrendous security lines at Chicago O'Hare airport were so bad that hundreds of passengers missed their flights and had to sleep there overnight on cots.

Travelers at Chicago O’Hare Airport endured a rough experience over the weekend as horrifically long security lines caused them to miss their flights.

CBS Chicago reports that things got so bad on Sunday, American Airlines set out cots for nearly 100 passengers who missed their flights due to the standstill TSA lines.

According to the airline, approximately 4,000 passengers have missed their flights at O’Hare since February.

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While TSA warns passengers to arrive at least two hours early for domestic flights and three hours early for international travels, several passengers argue that window is not even enough time to get through the airport’s dreadful security lines.

One passenger, Adrian Petra, reportedly said he stood in line for two hours and 20 minutes.

TSA claims they’ve been suffering from a shortage of screeners due to federal budget cuts which is causing the delays, along with the fact that airlines are seeing record high travel volume which means they’ve got more people to check.

“We are frustrated. We know our passengers are frustrated, and our employees are really frustrated,” said American Airlines spokeswoman Leslie Scott.

Just on Sunday, more than 400 American passengers missed their flights — imagine how many total travelers from all airlines were displaced.

Some measures to mitigate this issue are being considered, including increasing the use of overtime for employees as well as hiring more security officers.

It has also been suggested by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to increase the number of dogs used at checkpoints, which he says could cut wait times in half.

In the meantime, American Airlines is planning to take matters into their own hands by hiring employees to assist TSA agents by taking over some of their non-security functions such as telling people to remove liquids and electronics from their bags at the checkpoint.

Hopefully this matter gets resolved quickly or those “record high travel volumes” are likely going to plummet severely once frustrated customers become fed-up with this miserable process. 

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