Human Rights Group Lights Up Saudi Embassy With ISIS' Bank Accusation

An activist group criticized the Gulf kingdom’s human rights record by displaying a message on the walls of its embassy in Berlin.

Civil rights group PixelHELPER projected the words “Daesh Bank” on the walls of the Saudi Embassy in Berlin, Germany, Friday night in an attempt to draw attention to the kingdom’s terrible human rights record.

Daesh is another term for ISIS. 

Street artist Oliver Bienkowski organized the “guerilla light project” to criticize Saudi Arabia’s alleged ties with the terrorist organization and to demand the freedom of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi.

Saudi Arabia repeatedly has been accused of funding terrorist organizations, even though it purports to play a key role in the annihilation of ISIS. A 2009 memorandum published by WikiLeaks claimed that then-U.S. Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton said Saudi Arabia financed the Taliban, ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

The Arabic state denied the assertions and instead highlighted the initiatives they have undertaken to prevent people from funding extremist organizations.

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PixelHELPER didn't stop with those accusations. Another light display that lit up the embassy stated “10 years and 1,000 slashes just for blogging #FREERAIF,” referring to the blogger who was arrested in 2012 for criticizing the government.

Badawi received the first 50 lashes in a public square in Jeddah in January 2015, which drew international concern over his health. A medical checkup later revealed he was unfit for further punishment.

However, in June 2015, the Saudi court rule the blogger was fit enough to receive corporal punishment and announced the flogging could recommence at any time.

Numerous demonstrations for his release have been set up outside the Saudi embassies in various places, including London and Washington, D.C.

Badawi's wife, Ensaf Haidar, who sought asylum in Canada after receiving death threats, has also called on Prime Minster Justin Trudeau to request Badawi’s release.

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