Human Rights Watch Employee Joked About The Holocaust On Tinder

"These comments are antithetical to the values of Human Rights Watch," said the organization's European media director, Andrew Stroehlein, of the incident.

In a disheartening twist of irony, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has suspended its associate director of finance due to an anti-Semitic joke discovered on his Tinder profile.

Matthew Myers concluded his short bio on the dating site with the sentence, “if you can’t laugh about the hair room at Auschwitz, get out.”

StandWithUs, an Israeli advocacy group, drew attention to the egregious statement by posting a screenshot of Myers’ profile on Monday.

The hair room refers to the areas of the Nazi concentration camp where piles of hair cut from the dead bodies of murdered Jews were stored. However, it’s unclear what Myers found amusing about that.

HRW’s European media director, Andrew Stroehlein, told The Jerusalem Post that Myers was told to delete the remark and was subsequently suspended.

"These comments are antithetical to the values of Human Rights Watch," Stroehlein said. "We have instructed Mr. Myers to delete them, and have suspended him from his duties pending further deliberation."

He added that "as soon as we were informed about this, we took immediate action."

There is an interesting paradox that, of all organizations, Human Rights Watch (emphasis on the “watch”) managed to miss this appalling stunt by one of its own employees.

This is simply a reminder that even those who claim to have the best intentions can be wolves in sheep's clothing. 

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