People Form A Human Wall To Protect Muslims Praying Inside A Mosque

Just a day after an attack on an Islamic Community Center, neighbors and friends came together to prove that nothing could stop their support for the Muslim community.

Stories of religious intolerance are all too easy to come by. So when one like this comes along, it's important to take notice and celebrate everyone involved.

After worshippers at the Islamic Community Center of Bryan-College Station, Texas, faced threats against them, people of a rainbow of racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds formed a human wall around the center while Muslims present inside prayed their Friday prayers on July 8.

This came in response to an attack on the mosque that took place on the previous day. The Islamic center had been attacked by gunfire and was damaged by at least five bullets that hit its entrance.

In order to extend their support toward the Muslim community and make them feel at peace while they prayed, neighbors and friends stood around the mosque and even held up posters that promoted the ideology of “to each his own.”

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All this happened while the weather soared to 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet people gave up the comfort of their homes to stand by their Muslim brothers and sisters.

Some people even showed their love and support via handwritten cards , notes and flowers.

Of course, the Muslims at the mosque were extremely happy and touched with the heart-warming gesture.

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At a time when Islamophobia around the world is on the rise, it is heartwarming to see communities standing together and supporting one another. Hate crime is an act of cowards and certainly no religion promotes murder and bloodshed. Anyone who engages in acts of terrorism in the name of Islam is simply using the religion for their own benefit.

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