Hundreds Died In Somalia Terrorist Attack, Where Is Trump’s Outrage?

Despite the tragic consequences of the deadliest terrorist attack Somalia has ever experienced, the U.S. president has failed to condemn it publicly.

Building destroyed in Mogadishu, Somalia explosion.

Mogadishu, Somalia, just experienced the worst terrorist attack in the country’s history, and yet, President Donald Trump has not made a statement about the horrific incident that killed at least 300 people.

Whenever a horrific and deadly terrorist attack impacts people in Europe or the United States, American politicians and other world leaders all rush to condemn the attackers. And when it comes to the media, news outlets dedicate 100 percent of their coverage to the incident and the aftermath, conducting investigative reports on victims, attackers, and organizations involved.

And yet, when terrorist attacks take place in predominantly Muslim countries, neither the media nor U.S. politicians take the time to express their sorrow and concerns.

But what about the public? After all, when London or Paris were the targets of terrorists, online users took to Twitter and Facebook to show solidarity with hashtag campaigns that quickly went viral. So why wasn’t Mogadishu trending after dozens of bodies were burned beyond recognition in the Saturday terrorist attack?

In order to bring awareness to this reality, several online users began a campaign using the #IAmMogadishu hashtag, telling followers that if the media isn’t doing its part to help the public learn more about what happened in Somalia, they have the duty to take over.

The Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) has also issued a statement condemning the Saturday attack and asking Trump why he remains silent, especially before reports that show that Americans may have been killed in the Saturday attack.

But CAIR members aren’t the only ones asking the president why he isn’t condemning the deadliest terrorist attack to hit Somalia.

Some have speculated that Trump isn’t condemning the violence because his base simply does not care about terrorist organizations targeting Muslims, despite promising to be a president for all Americans. Yet the cold truth could also be Trump's shameless hypocrisy when it comes to terrorism: It only matters when white people are affected. 

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Feisal Omar

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