Hundreds Of Thousands Pledge To Take To The Streets If Mueller's Fired

MoveOn said hundreds of thousands of citizens in 800 cities across all 50 states have pledged to protest in the event President Donald Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller.

In case you’re worried about what will happen if President Donald Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller, don’t fret: Many other people share your concern and have pledged to take action in case he does.

Thousands of Americans are pledging to protest if Trump decides to get rid of Mueller. But these protests won’t be relegated to just a few big cities — MoveOn, which has organized the “just in case” call for action, is saying on its website that citizens in more than 800 cities across the country are prepared to express their discontent in protest if Trump fires the special counsel.

These protests are set to commence in every state in the nation, the website proclaimed, and will involve more than 300,000 participants who have promised to take to the streets if Mueller is unnecessarily removed from his post.

The planned protests, dubbed as "Nobody Is Above the Law" rallies by MoveOn, have seen an influx of 20,000 participants in just the past two weeks alone.

“We’ve seen another explosion of interest in these events over the last few weeks, reflecting the heightened threat that Trump may actually move to end the investigations,” MoveOn campaign director David Sievers said.

Concern over the issue has grown as reports surfaced in recent days revealing that Trump had tried to get Mueller fired back in December. He was convinced to walk back from doing so, but it was the second time that the public has been made aware that Trump had made such attempts (he had previously tried to do so back in June of last year as well).

It’s good to know that if Trump finally decides to follow through on his instinctual calls to fire Mueller, hundreds of thousands of Americans, if not more, will protest in response.

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