Hungary PM Sees Muslim Refugees As 'Invaders'

Hungary PM Viktor Orban believes multiculturalism is an illusion and, therefore, protests the EU’s refugee policy. He also calls refugees “invaders.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has defended his refusal to be a part of the European Union's resettlement program by calling migration "a poison."

The Islamophobic leader also believes what Europe has seen since 2015 is not a wave of refugees but rather an invasion.

 “We do not consider these people to be Muslim refugees, we regard them as Muslim invaders”, Orban said in an interview with Bild, referring to Syrian refugees who have fled to Hungary.

 “One has to cross four countries to arrive from Syria in Hungary. Those people do not run for their lives but seek a better life. The refugees should have requested admission in advance, but instead they had breached the border illegally,” he continued.


Orban also said he never understood why asylum seekers are welcomed and celebrated when illegal crossing of borders has created, what he referred to as, chaos in Germany. He singled out Germany’s SPD leader Martin Schulz and said he should have more respect for his country.

He has also called out European Union’s refugee policies many times before.  Not only has he protested it but also spent millions on border fences. He has recently claimed that the EU’s policy is a failure and gave the example of Austria and how the winning of right-wing in the recent elections is in unity with his policies.

Schulz has responded to Orban’s anti-refugee policy and called it “dangerous.”

According to a 2016 Pew survey, Hungary has more negative views of minority groups than the average EU member state.

Orban blatantly rejected the idea of accepting people from Muslim-majority countries: “We believe that a large number of Muslims inevitably leads to parallel societies, because Christian and Muslim society will never unite.”.

Orban has called the 0.4 percent Muslims in Hungary a “threat” and said the EU’s humanitarian policy will fail as “multiculturalism is just an illusion.”

The EU has already started to take legal action against Hungary for its anti- refugee policies.


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