Activists Go On Hunger Strike To Protest Trump's Immigration Policy

“Through the Break Bread Not Families Fast, we hope to underscore the urgency our nation faces to confront this moral crisis perpetuated within our shores.”


The Trump administration’s hardline immigration policy drew sharp rebukes from public in majority where lawmakers, religious leaders, celebrities and even people across the border, actively condemned the draconian measure of ripping families apart.

One such protest that is underway against the contentious “zero tolerance” policy is a hunger strike, "Break Bread Not Families," which was organized by several activist groups, including the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights nonprofit.


Along with several prominent individuals, nearly 40 other family members of the Kennedy clan have joined the fight against President Donald Trump’s deplorable family separation policy.

In fact just recently, the 90-year-old widow of Bobby Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy said she would join the hunger strike alongside a lot of members of her family.

“Generations of Americans did not toil and sacrifice to build a country where children and their parents are placed in cages to advance a cynical political agenda,” Kennedy told The Boston Globe.

The fast, which started past weekend, will last for 24 days in honor of the estimated 2,400 migrant children which were taken away from their parents. The organizers have laid out a plan, according to which participants will be required to donate money, they would have spent on meals, to Break Bread Not Families.

“We want to find a way for people who can’t go down to the border to actually do something themselves at home that is concrete and creates change, and this is what we’re calling on them to do,” Kerry Kennedy, also the daughter of Ethel and Robert, told the Globe.

Ethel’s daughter also said her mother, hasn’t started the fast but she’s “very joyful about it.”

The ongoing strike struck chords of many including several high-profile celebrities, who wanted to protest the separations at the border but didn’t know how to go about it.

For instance, Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood, confirmed she will be on the forefront of the strike.

“Ever since I heard about what’s happening in our country and the separation policy, I’ve been wondering what I could do,” said Wood. “So I’ve flown to Texas and I’ll be on the front lines for the next couple of days to learn what I can do to help, and what we can do to help.”


Though amid the widespread public revulsion, the commander-in-chief backed down on his widely-resented family separation policy, it still remains uncertain whether the government will reunite families anytime soon.

“For children being starved of contact with their parents, the irreparable harm inflicted by our government multiplies every single day kids remain separated from their moms and dads,” said Massachusetts Representative Joe Kennedy III, the grandson of Robert and Ethel in a statement. “Through the Break Bread Not Families Fast, we hope to underscore the urgency our nation faces to confront this moral crisis perpetuated within our shores.”

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