WATCH: Hungry Great White Shark Rams Into Boat And Bites The Motor

A man captures the moment when a great white shark circles his boat and takes a bite out of it.

Fisherman Adon Samoilenko had a too-close-for-comfort encounter with a great white shark after the predator that had "been hanging around all day" decided to attack his boat.

"We knew it was time to go. He’s been hanging around all day but the moment he rammed into us that the alarm bells," Samoilenko said.

He said the shark had been lurking around their boat all day, scaring off their would-be catches.

The fisherman thinks another boat sent the predator into a rage.

"It was slow going all day, the fish took fright as soon as he turned up. There was another boat nearby that disturbed the boat with his motor," Samoilenko said. "Next thing he just flipped breached right out of the water. That’s when he came for us.

Samoilenko said it was the first time he came this close with a great white in nearly 20 years fishing in those waters — and it was also one of the scariest experiences of his life.

Thumbnail Credits : Reuters

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