Men Who Blamed Immigrants For Shooting Them Actually Shot Each Other

Two men were mistakenly shot by members of their own hunting group and tried to blame undocumented Mexican immigrants for “ambushing” them.

Wow, there is really no limit to how low people will stoop to demonize others.

Last month, two hunters were shot and wounded in Texas and blamed the shooting on immigrants crossing the Mexican border trying to steal their RV. As it turns out, those men were actually shot by members of their own hunting party, The Huffington Post reports.

Walker Daugherty and Edwin Roberts were the two men who were wounded. Daugherty and his fiancée told authorities that undocumented immigrants were responsible; however, after further investigation, police now say Daugherty shot Roberts and another one of their hunting partners, Michael Bryant, shot Daugherty.

“There were no bullet casings or projectiles from weapons other than those belonging to the individuals hunting on the ranch nor in the RV belonging to the hunting party,” the sheriff’s department reportedly found.

As of last week, Bryant and Daugherty have been indicted and face charges of deadly conduct by discharging firearms in the direction of others.

Both men are hunting guides with Redwing Outfitters, which posted on its Facebook account that the hunters had been shot “ambush style.” Alas, 30 investigators found no evidence of that after thoroughly searching the area.

“I mean border patrol are experts in tracking in this area. We trust what they say because that’s all they do on a daily basis, and they didn’t find no sign, no indication that there was anybody in or out of that area that night,” Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez told local reporters.

Following the shooting, Daugherty raised more than $26,000 on GoFundMe for his medical care, the story of the incident went viral, and many people — including Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller — tried to use the shooting as evidence of the need to erect President Donald Trump’s controversial border wall.

Trump and his xenophobic cabinet have waged an attack against immigrants, specifically those from Mexico and from Muslim-majority countries.

Lies of this nature are what fuel the rhetoric that the Trump administration is using to justify their mistreatment of immigrants and discriminatory policies, such as the proposed wall and travel ban that has already wreaked havoc on families, international students, asylum seekers, and others.  

These hunters saw an opportunity to demonize a marginalized group that is already being targeted by the government simply to cover up their own stupidity. It serves them right to finally be indicted and exposed. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Pixabay, ulfake76

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