Drivers Risking Their Lives Ignoring Road Signs In Post-Hurricane NC

Sections of hundreds of roads remain closed in the eastern half of the state more than three weeks after Hurricane Matthew.

Many of North Carolina's roads are still inundated in water and damaged weeks after Hurricane Matthew caused major, deadly flooding throughout the state. Roads are unusable and marked off as such but not everyone is patient or smart enough to heed the warning signs.

According to North Carolina Department of Transportation, drivers keep ignoring safety barricades  placed after Hurricane Matthew and some have even faced dire consequences.

A case in point is a Cumberland County man who drove past barriers blocking Bingham Drive and tumbled into a collapsed section of the road. Luckily, he wasn't seriously hurt, but others who have made similar decisions haven't been as lucky. 

"The barricades are there for a reason. They say, 'The road is not safe ahead, don't go that way,'" DOT spokesman Steve Abbott said.

"The first time something heavy drives on, it's going down," Abbott said of some roads.

"The DOT has not forgotten to get that barricade out of the roadway," says North Carolina State Highway Patrol Sergeant Michael Baker. "We have several trouble spots across the state."

Here's an aerial view of the area and the damage:

Early estimates of property damage and lost business are in the billions of dollars.

"Entire towns have been destroyed with record flooding from Hurricane Matthew, meaning many businesses and employees have been directly impacted," North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said in a statement.

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