Husband Drowns After Saving His Wife From Raging Riptide

A couple enjoying a day at the beach were swept up by a rip current, but the heroic husband made sure his wife was safe before succumbing to the strong tide.

husband saves wife

A Florida woman’s husband reportedly drowned trying to save her from a Miami Beach rip current.

Kendra Smith praised her late husband for his heroic actions: “He did the most amazing thing in the world that he gave his life for me,” she said. “I appreciate that, I really do, and I’m going to honor him until the day I die because of that. … He’ll always be my hero.”

Sherrod Whittington, 34, was unresponsive when he was finally pulled from the water on Sunday as several swimmers caught in the current were being rescued by lifeguards, The Root reports.

“I was trying to hold on to him; he was trying to hold on to me,” Smith recounted. “In some kind of wave, he lost his grasp and then he got me back again; he found me again.”

As lifeguards approached the couple, Whittington instructed them to save his wife first. “I heard him hollering and screaming, and I was hollering and screaming for them to save him and begging them, ‘Please save him,’” Smith said.

It’s heartbreaking that what began as a fun day at the beach ended in tragedy for this couple, but it’s also beautiful that Whittington sacrificed his life for his wife.

“Life is just so short. I would have never guessed in a million years that we would go have fun, and the next thing you know, he’s gone,” Smith said.

We may not know how Whittington lived, but he certainly died a hero

Banner Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Ryulong

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