Woman Reportedly Assaulted By Police For Recording Black Man's Arrest

A woman was arrested in South Carolina after she tried to stop police from arresting a black man. The woman’s husband said that her arm was broken by the police.

Rock Hill police officers are under scrutiny after a Miami woman was arrested Wednesday. The officers are also being accused of knocking out one of the woman’s teeth.

It all started outside of a QuikTrip in South Carolina when 53-year-old Patricia Pizer witnessed two people arguing. Police arrived on the scene after receiving a call about a domestic dispute. Pizer was not involved in the dispute but intervened when police moved to arrest one of the individuals, who was black, claiming that it was the wrong person.

Pizer tried to stop the officers by telling them that they had it wrong and “pleading he didn’t do anything wrong and we were arresting the wrong person,” the police report stated.

The police report stated that Pizer began recording the incident when the police arrived and was told that she would be arrested if she didn’t walk away.

The police report stated that an officer then grabbed Pizer's left arm and placed it in handcuffs, prompting Pizer to throw her drink on the officer. The report said that Pizer then tried to resist arrest and “took her right hand in a closed fist, and maliciously struck” the police officer.

The police report then stated that after Pizer grabbed a door handle to brace herself, the arresting police officer “foot swept” her to the pavement, and after she tried to get up again, the report said that the officer “pushed her back down to the ground,” adding that Pizer “struck her front teeth on the pavement and screamed in pain.”

Based on the police report, it seems pretty clear that excessive force was deployed in this situation. Pizer did nothing wrong by recording the officer, and she should not have been treated with such brutality. Police departments need to do a better job hiring and training people who have a desire to protect and serve everyone, not to intimidate and abuse.

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