ICE Agent Leaks Police Documents To News Anchor, Then Harasses Her

The Kansas ICE agent offered to be the news anchor's informant, sending her sensitive police material as well as sexts. She promptly reached out to the police.

Detainee rests his hands on cell window.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent Andrew J. Pleviak may have thought that approaching a news anchor as an informant would be enough to get her to give in to his sexual advances. Now, he’s sitting in jail.

Pleviak contacted ABC affiliate KAKE-TV news anchor Deb Farris, telling her that he would like to be a source of information for future stories. He then sent her copies of criminal records of undocumented immigrants who had been involved in murder cases.

Soon after, the text messages coming from the agent stopped being about information related to possible stories and became inappropriate. That’s when Farris became concerned.

As the inappropriate content started pouring in, Farris contacted Wichita police. Officers then encouraged her to file a report. Afraid for her safety, they further recommended that she get security cameras.

In July, after the more than 185 screenshots of text messages were reviewed, prosecutors indicted Pleviak on one count of record destruction and two counts of exceeding authorized access to government computers after the agent pulled data from the National Crime Information Center to pass on to Farris.

In the end, Farris said that she “never used a single thing he gave — nothing was really relevant.”

While it’s unclear whether Pleviak is also being investigated for sexual harassment, it’s evident that the fact he thought he could use his position to harass a journalist shows that there are plenty of agents and officials out there who take advantage of their power to abuse others.

Thankfully, Farris came forward and reported the incident. But how many others out there stay quiet out of fear?

Banner/Thumbnail Image Credit: Reuters, Lucy Nicholson

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