ICE Agents Deport 2 Brothers After Learning One Got Into College

“They have separated my family. We were together and we were very happy,” lamented the mother of the two boys who were deported.

Two brothers from Gaithersburg, Maryland, were deported and sent back to El Salvador — all because one shared the news he was accepted to college.

Lizandro Claros Saravia, 19, was a star soccer player and he recently secured a scholarship to play college soccer in North Carolina. His brother, Diego, 22, was taking extra classes to graduate from Quince Orchard High School. According to his teacher, Diego “has a heart of gold.”

Lizandro and Diego first entered United States in 2009, illegally. Initially, they won cancelations from deportations but their efforts to renew those stays were denied since 2013.

Both the brothers reportedly have no criminal records.

When they visited ICE agents in Baltimore for a routine check-in, Lizandro told them he planned to take the scholarship to attend a college. Instead, both were detained.

Nick Katz, senior manager of legal services at CASA de Maryland, isrepresenting the brothers explained their ordeal. “The ICE agents told me they were deporting the kids because Lizandro got into college, and that showed they intended to stay in the U.S.,” said Katz.

Heather Bradley, who taught Diego English as a second language at the Quince Orchard and worked with Lizandro on the literary magazine, defended the boys.

“These kids did nothing wrong — but that is too low a bar. These kids excelled,” she said.

“They have separated my family. We were together, and we were very happy,” lamented Lucia Saravia, the mother of the two who are now deported.

The deportation of these brothers comes after President Donald Trump’s revelation of a RAISE Act plan, which proposes to cut back on legal immigrants. The plan would cut the number of green card holders from 1 million a year to 500,000 over the next 10 years.

While Lizandro and Diego were welcomed in El Salvador by grandparents and aunts, their immediate family stays petrified in Trump’s America.

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