ICE Officers In Riot Gear Arrest Immigrant Father At Gun Point

“You’re watching too much movies,” the ICE officer said when asked about a warrant. “We’ll show you the warrant when we’re done.”

A troubling video making the rounds on the internet shows officers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement using a crowbar to pry open the door to a house and barging in to arrest an immigrant father.

The incident, which took place in San Diego, was filmed by Alberto Alonso Hernandez’s 11-year-old daughter Jocelyn.

The ICE agents, who were dressed in riot gear and holding shields, initially tried to arrest the 31-year-old outside his home due to his alleged immigration and criminal history, but he ran inside, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. So, the officers decided to forcefully enter his home, completely ignoring the repeated requests from his wife and young daughter to show a warrant.

“Ma’am, you’re watching too much movies,” an agent can be heard saying. “We’ll show you the warrant when we’re done.”

It is important to mention officials are required to show a warrant in such circumstances under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Once the officers entered the house, one of them reportedly pointed a gun at the family members while the other held Alonso at the gun point, yelling at other people to show their hands.

“They pointed up and I told them there were children, that they did not aim, that they had already grabbed the people they wanted to grab and that there were no guns in the house and they kept pointing," one of the relatives, who asked to remain anonymous, told Telemundo20.              

Jocelyn said an officer took her phone and deleted the footage, though she was later able to retrieve it. He also allegedly grabbed her wrist, leaving a mark.

“You don’t control the situation. We do,” an officer told Alonso’s wife Brianna Alonso, a U.S. citizen, when she asked for the warrant, again. “We’ll give you the warrant when we’re done.”

Meanwhile, neighbors who gathered outside the house kept recording the arrest.

After the officer handcuffed Alonso and exited the house, one of them threw the warrant on the floor instead of handing it to the family members.

The law enforcement agency claimed Alonso had a history of violence.

“ICE records reveal he was convicted for battery of a spouse in 2007, and has illegally re-entered the United States 16 times since 2003,” said ICE spokesperson Lauren Mack.

However, Brianna disputed the claim, saying she only remembered her husband being deported twice.

As the San Diego Times reported, a statement from ICE also cited only two removals — one in 2008 and other in 2015.

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