Cop Caught On Camera Talking About Putting A Bullet In Teens’ Heads

Officer Cody Samson accused the girls of being involved in a troublesome incident, before turning extremely rude and expressing his wish to shoot them.

“If I can get away with it, I would’ve put a bullet in the center of each one of their heads. Bam!”

There were the words recorded on an Idaho police officer’s body cam talking about two teenagers.

Officer Cody Samson got into an argument with 19-year-old Jacqueline Aldrich and her sister Abigail in August following a report of disturbance at a local hotel. The officer suspected the two girls were involved and pulled them over.

As the interrogation began, Samson questioned the teenagers of their whereabouts, upon which Jacqueline denied being present at the hotel where the disturbance had occurred.

The video shows him asking, “Where’s your license at?” upon which, the teen walks towards the car to get the document. But the enraged officer went off on a rant.

“I didn't say to go get, I asked you where it was. Do you not understand English? Do you not know how to comprehend?” Samson bellowed.

The girl, understandably afraid, immediately turned around and made her way back to the cop. “I’m sorry, I thought that meant to go get my license. I’m sorry, that was wrong of me. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, OK. It’s in my car,” Jacqueline said.

But Samson was not willing to hear anything and continued taunting her.

“I was home schooled until seventh grade,” the teen responded, before giving details of the exact place her license was in the vehicle.

During the search, the officer found a marijuana pipe and arrested the girls. While Abigail was charged with an open container violation and disturbing the peace, 18-year-old Mia Sanchez, a passenger in the car, was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

The three girls were taken to jail. However, the video gets increasingly scary when Samson was recorded talking about the girls to a fellow officer.

“Mouthy little b*******. Oh my f***ing god,” he said. “If I could get away with it I would have put a bullet in the center of each one of their heads.”

Abigail paid a $102 fine, while the charges against the other girls were dismissed. Meanwhile, Jacqueline, who has a history of encounters with the Weiser Police, has previously been arrested for minor in possession and misdemeanor battery on two police officers, left town and pressed charges against Samson.

She has also hired a lawyer to the fight the case.

“Somebody in a position of power saying something like that, even if it's an off the cuff comment, it's something that should not have been said,” Shane Darrington, Jacqueline’s attorney, said.

For now, the Weiser Police Department is looking into the case and investigating the officer involved.

“The matter is currently under review. We cannot make any further comments at the present time, as it is a personnel matter,” the department said in a statement.

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