Science Teacher Allegedly Feeds Puppy To Turtle In Front Of Students

A science teacher in Idaho has landed in trouble over what is being described as a “regrettable circumstance involving some of the biological specimens.”


Authorities in Idaho are investigating a junior high science teacher who allegedly fed a puppy to a snapping turtle right in front of students. The grotesque incident took place on school grounds after hours but was not a part of any “school-directed program,” according to East Idaho News.

Robert Crosland has been a science teacher at Preston Junior High School for years and this is not the first time he has reportedly done something like this. As some students recalled, he has previously fed guinea pigs to “snakes and turtles during classroom demonstrations” – an act that apparently made him rather popular among the teens.

What makes the whole thing even more appalling is the fact some believe the canine was alive when the reptile began devouring it.

“What I have learned in the last four days is disgusting. It is sick. It is sick,” said local animal activist Jill Parrish.

Parish was the one who alerted the police after a teacher from the school informed her of the incident.

Apparently, the puppy was sick and deformed, according to the activist.

“Allowing children to watch an innocent baby puppy scream because it is being fed to an animal,” she continued. “That is violence. That is not okay.”

This particular incident of a dog being fed to a turtle was described as a “regrettable circumstance involving some of the biological specimens,” by the school authorities.

“The event occurred well after students had been dismissed and was not a part of any school-directed program,” Preston School District 201 Superintendent Marc Gee said in a news release. “We emphasize that at no time was the safety of students or staff compromised.”

He also insisted the district was not taking the situation lightly.

“A part of any investigation includes determining the best course of action once the facts of the matter have been ascertained. This is not a situation that is easy, nor do we feel it is a measure that can be taken lightly,” Gee added.

While it’s unclear what motivate Crosland to commit the alleged atrocity, it appears he is quite well-liked by his students for making science interesting.

“He is a cool teacher who really brought science to life,” a student told local media. “I loved his class because he had turtles and snakes and other cool things.”

Although the police are investigating the matter, it’s unclear if the teacher has been charged with anything.

As far as the school district is concerned, Crosland has not yet been dismissed.

“While the district certainly does not condone individual actions that may violate district policy or reasonable expectations of behavior, we hope that any errors in judgment made by a teacher in this instance will not cause us to forget the years of care, effort and passion the teacher has given to students in Preston School District,” Gee concluded.

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